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Health & Safety

The responsibilities arising from operating schools and other educational settings mean that health and safety issues assume supreme importance for the Trust. The Trust recognises its responsibility to establish and maintain throughout its schools and establishments, a culture that has due regard for issues that may affect the health and safety of its staff, pupils, visitors and other stakeholders. Furthermore, the Trust has a legal requirement to give employees information, instruction and training, and engage in consultation with them about matters affecting their health and safety.

Each member of staff has a responsibility to report any conditions or working practices considered to be unsafe or unhealthy. Staff must also report any injury, incident or dangerous occurrence on school premises or during an offsite school activity. Forms to make such reports can be found on this page.

The Trust has also established a Health and Safety Forum as a way of improving the health and safety culture throughout the Trust and to contribute to the fulfilment of its obligation to consult on such issues with its employees.

For further information contact: Robin Chew, Facilities and Compliance Manager.  facilities@consortiumacademy.org

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