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Eye Tests for DSE Users

The Health and Safety (Display Screen Equipment) Regulations 1992 apply to workers who use DSE daily, for an hour or more at a time. These workers are known as ‘DSE users’.

The regulations don’t apply to workers who use DSE infrequently or only use it for a short time. All Trust office staff and probably most  teaching staff would probably qualify as DSE users.

An employer must provide an eyesight test for a DSE user if they request one. The employer must also pay for the test. This should be a full eye and eyesight test by an optometrist or doctor, including a vision test and an eye examination.

Employers only have to pay for glasses for DSE work if the test shows an employee needs special glasses prescribed for the distance the screen is viewed at. If an ordinary prescription is suitable, employers do not have to pay for glasses. Employers must assess DSE workstations and take steps to reduce any health risks.

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