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Youth Social Action Education

The Trust is proud to support Youth Social Action to encourage our pupils to become active social volunteers and ambassadors within their communities through #iWill and other community YSA schemes.

The working definition of Youth Social Action is:

YSA is practical action in the service of others to create positive change.  It provides an important mechanism for young people to develop and express their character while benefiting others.  It incorporates a range of activities - including volunteering for a charity, caring for someone in their community, providing peer support online, and campaigning of fundraising for a specific cause - and can take place in both a formal or informal setting.

YSA should be challenging, youth-led (although often adult facilitated), socially impactful, progressive, embedded and reflective.  YSA, therefore, should be celebrated for its transformational possibilities - both for young people and their communities - and should be acknowledged as a right of every young person.

More information can be found at  http://www.iwill.org.uk and at the following documents:-


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