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Pupil Parliament - 7th July 2018 - Healthy Active Lifestyles

The focus of this meeting was ‘Healthy Active Lifestyles’, chosen because of it’s links with good mental health as suggested by several pupils as the topic at the last session.  We worked alongside Mike James from ‘OneLife Suffolk’, who shared information about food labelling, healthy snacks and the sugar tax. The children debated the regulation of lunchbox content in schools and prepared a healthy packed lunch for themselves based on the 'eatwell plate' and all the info we learned during the morning. 

Aimee Tilley, Head of Service of the Trust's PE & Outdoor Learning Team, shared top tips for playground games and 30 minute exercise opportunities as well as encouraging schools to join in the ‘Daily Mile’.  During the afternoon we considered school’s Food Policies, including any advice or rules about snacks or lunchbox contents, with pupils  suggesting amendments, as well as writing an action plan to use back in schools to develop their scheme of work.

Most schools have a dedicated display area for Pupil Parliament work, this is Mendham’s ‘wellbeing’ display

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