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Pupil Parliament - 1st November 2018

Healthy & Active Lifestyles (continued)

We were delighted that children from all of our Trust Schools joined us again for our second Pupil Parliament around the subject of Healthy & Active Lifetyles, held at Halesworth Golf Club, with the focus of Healthy Lifestyles!  The day began with a 'wake and shake session' to the well known Y-M-C-A record!

Pupils then worked with Aimee Tilley, Head of Service for PE & ODL to devise a timetable for 15 mins of vigorous activity a day and also looked at the statements in the Primary Entitlement Book which relate to being healthy and active.

Schoool Staff worked with Sam Cutler, Head of Service for Curriculum Innovation to review previous action plans and to signpost new initiatives and future funding possibilities.

A debate followed titled; 'schools should dictate and monitor the contents of pupil's packed lunches' where the resulting vote was strongly against the motion. Interestingly, if the wording had been changed to 'schools should advise...' then the voting would have been reversed with a huge majority in favour. Both pupils and staff then worked on reviewing the CMAT 'Food policy' which will be re-written following their feedback and comments. 

We then worked on the development and planning for the 'healthy active lifestyles' strand to be embedded across all areas of the curriculum and the inclusion of the Primary Entitlement statements, incorporating pupil's ideas.

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