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Pupil Parliament

As part of the our commitment to curriculum innovation, the Trust are proud to have launched our Pupil Parliament, where pupils in Year 5 and 6 from all of the Trust schools attend a day to debate upon meaningful and weighty matters of concern at their schools and local communities.

The Trust believes that all children have both the right and the ability to have successful futures through the development of their own leadership mindsets and communicational skills. Through Pupil Parliament, our students are able to see, hear and experience politics and debating in action, at a venue that is relevant and exciting. Children visibly grow in confidence and are inspired to develop their thoughts and views points.

Consortium MAT will be holding a Pupil Parliament every term in a bid to ensure that pupils are given the opportunity to bring their ideas and pupil voice to an open forum, preparing them for the next step in their education and beyond.

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