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Personal, Social, Health & Emotional (PHSE) Curriculum

The Trust a currently consulting our school communities with reference to our draft Relationship, Health & Sex Education curriculum plan, below:

As a trust, it is our intent to educate our children to be accepting of diversity and be sensitive to the needs of different groups of people in society. We aim to encourage all children to use the correct language and terminology in discussion, developing an understanding and awareness that diversity and difference should be accepted and celebrated. The curriculum has been developed to be respectful, accepting and tolerant of different community and social groups, rather than to promote specific lifestyle choices.

We aim to provide high quality learning opportunities which allow the children to demonstrate an understanding of, and a sensitivity to all others regardless of their beliefs and values, so that they can develop meaningful relationships and caring friendships in which they feel safe, cared for and supported. We aim to equip children with the ability to make their own decisions about their lifestyle choices, health and wellbeing and the knowledge they need to keep themselves safe in an ever developing world.

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