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At Consortium Multi Academy Trust we encourage thinking and all our pupils are taught philosophical skills.

Philosophy enables pupils to explore complex ideas and issues together. They develop the language of inquiry and understand that in many cases there may not be one correct answer to a problem.

Philosophy allows pupils to work co-operatively, building on one another’s thinking to come to 'agreed conclusions'. It fosters respect for each other’s views, supports a questioning frame of mind and expects pupils to think about how they think and learn.

In our schools, pupils are encouraged to ask fruitful questions which will set their peers thinking. It enables pupils to initiate, sustain and persevere with discussions, keeping them on track and refining ideas as they progress.

Philosophy is taught through stories which raise issues for discussion such as:

     •   What is beauty?
     •   What is fair?
     •   What should we value in our lives?
     •   What does existence mean?

Pupils also learn the skills of philosophy such as:

     •    Asking fruitful questions
     •    Giving reasons for views/opinions
     •    Building on one another’s ideas
     •    Exploring different points of view
     •    Using analogies
     •    Making hypothesis based on existing knowledge

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