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Governance Charter

Section 8 - Locality Committee Intervention Board

Terms of Reference

In exceptional circumstance the Trust Board may determine the removal of an LC by majority resolution. The Chair of Trustees will convene an LC Intervention Board comprising of a Chair (from the Board of Trustees or Members) and members of the Executive Leadership Team.  There will be no fewer than three (3) and no more than five (5) members on an Intervention Board.

The Intervention Board will have a specific remit, based on the circumstances leading to the removal of the LC.  The Intervention Board will be tasked with the formation of a new and robust LC within one term of convening.

The Intervention Board will submit an action plan to the Board of Trustees detailing the issues that need to be addressed, actions to address the issues, and timescale and resource allocation.

The Intervention Board will cease to be responsible for the Academy School on establishment of an LC although may retain supportive roles for up to a further term if required.

The terms of reference for an Intervention Board will be specific to the Academy School.

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