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Governance Charter

Section 6 - Team Around a School (TAS)

Terms of Reference

The Trust is committed to supporting Academy Schools and acknowledges that, through changes to staff, cohorts, educational expectations, financial environments, and other internal and external influences, schools will require additional and differing levels of intervention and access to resources from within the central team.

The Team Around the School (TAS) has a specific remit, based on the circumstances of the school at that particular time.

The Executive Team will convene the appropriate team to support the school.  The Education and Learning Manager will Chair the TAS and will submit an action plan detailing the issues that need to be addressed, actions to address the issues and the timescale and resource allocation.

The TAS will be a time limited intervention process; the time allocated will be wholly dependent on the issues to be addressed.

The terms of reference for TAS will be specific to the Academy School.

More detail is provided on our website here: https://consortiumacademy.co.uk/suffolk/primary/consortium-mat/staging/pages/schooltoschoolsupport/s2steam?designMode=true

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