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Governance Charter

Section 5 - TLA Panel

Terms of Reference

The Board of Trustees of The Consortium Multi-Academy Trust has established a TEACHING, LEARNING AND ASSESSMENT PANEL with the following Terms of Reference:

  • Membership   The panel is a representative body of Academy Heads from each member School, alongside Vice-Principals and members of the School improvement and SEND team.
  • The CEO/Principal of the Trust will be appointed as the Chair of the Panel.
  • The Panel will appoint a Clerk to the Committee.

The Panel may request any Executive Leadership Team member to attend meetings of the Panel either regularly or by invitation in order to provide information.  This invitation may be extended to other individuals associated with teaching, learning and assessment as appropriate.  Invited attendees will not hold voting rights on the Committee.

The quorum for each meeting will be one half of the numbers of the Panel (rounded up).  Decisions of the Panel will be taken by majority of those present and voting.  The Chair will have a casting vote in the situation of equality of votes.

The Panel will meet half termly as standard and will convene for additional meetings as appropriate and deemed necessary.  Unless otherwise agreed, notice for meetings will be sent to members and any other person invited or required to attend, with a minimum of 7 days-notice of the date of the meeting.

The Clerk will minute the meeting and resolutions of the Panel, determining at the beginning of the meeting whether anyone present has a conflict of interest.  This will be minuted accordingly.

The Panel is authorised by the Trust Board to carry out activities as detailed within the Terms of Reference.  It is authorised to seek any information it requires from employees through appropriate channels (line management), and there is an expectation that employees will co-operate with any request, in a timely and appropriate manner.  The Panel is authorised by the Trust Board to obtain outside legal or other professional advice and to secure attendance of any person at any meeting with relevant experience and expertise if it considers this necessary.

Teaching, Learning and Assessment Panel Duties

  • To ensure that the highest possible standards are set and maintained across the Trust and Academy Schools.
  • To provide a termly report to the Standards and Excellence Committee regarding standards and performance of the Trust and Academy Schools against key performance indicators.
  • To identify any areas of concern in respect of standards and performance and to implement an action plan.
  • To ensure that the Trust’s curriculum is balanced and broadly based.
  • To scrutinise and review relevant Trust policies for recommendation to the Trust Board.
  • To ensure that effective processes are in place for the quality assurance of teaching, learning and assessment; the curriculum; inclusion and the sharing of good practice across The Trust and beyond.
  • To support the CEO/Principal in the creation, implementation and monitoring of The Trust’s self-evaluation, development plan and any post-Ofsted Action plan.
  • To monitor the targets, attainment and progress data for pupil achievement across The Trust.
  • To ensure that effective arrangements are in place and being implemented across The Trust for pupil support and representation, for monitoring pupil attendance and pupil discipline
  • To ensure that effective arrangements are in place and being implemented across The Trust for staff training and Continued Professional Development.
  • To review, on a regular basis, its own performance, constitution and terms of reference to ensure it is operating at maximum effectiveness.


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