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Governance Charter - Section 14: LC Staff Members

  1. The Academy Head and LC follow the election process identified within this document for staff and parent members.  For community members, the LC must have evidence of discussion and agreement that the proposed Member has the skills required for the LC.
  2. The LC member nominated as a result of the appropriate process completes the LC nomination form and submits this to the Chair of Trustees via the LC clerk
  3. The Chair of Trustees reviews the information submitted and, through delegation from the Trust Board will approve nominations subject to satisfactory completion of the forms, process and appropriate checks (DBS)
  4. The Chair of Trustees will communicate the decision to the LC nominee, copying in the Chair of LC, the Clerk to the LC and the Academy Head.  It is the responsibility of the school to complete the appropriate checks and notifications with the regulatory timeframes. 
  5. It is the responsibility of the Chair of LC to ensure that the induction process is carried out for all new LC members.

The staff and parent election processes are detailed below:

Election of Staff Locality Committee members


The Consortium Trust has determined the following process and procedure for the election of Staff Members on the Locality Committee. It will be the responsibility of the Locality Committee:

  1. To determine, for the purposes of an election of Staff Locality Committee Member to the Locality Committee, any question whether a person is:

i) a parent of a registered pupil at the Schoolor

ii) paid to work at the School as a School teacher or otherwise

  1. To make all necessary arrangements for, and to determine all other matters relating to, any such election (except any requirement as to the minimum number of votes required to be cast for a candidate to be elected).

Qualifications and Disqualifications

National regulations determine the eligibility and disqualification relating to individuals holding a governance position.  The full list of criteria can be found on the Trust website (www.consortiumacademy.co.uk) and will be circulated with the letters and nomination forms when seeking Staff Members to join a Locality Committee.

Background Information

The term of office of Staff Locality Committee Members is four years.  They retire on the completion of their term of office, but like other LC members they are eligible for re-election. 

It is the responsibility of the Academy Head to organise the Staff LC member nominations and elections.

Academy Heads should aim to complete the election before the next meeting of the Locality Committee.  If a vacancy occurs, the vacancy should normally be filled as soon as possible, excluding the main School holiday periods.

Staff Locality Committee members shall cease to be an LC member if they cease to be employed at the School.

Staff who are nominated for election must be paid to work at the School on the date nominations are invited.

The Academy Head may propose, second and vote as appropriate in elections for Staff Locality Committee members.

The Academy Head will have overall responsibility for organising the election.  The Academy Head will undertake the duties of “returning officer”.  Any candidate may appeal to the CEO/Principal if he/she believes the election has not been conducted fairly.

The Election Procedure

Nominations should be submitted on a standard form.  A staff member may not nominate him/herself.  Each nomination should be supported by two members of staff, permanent or temporary.  Staff must be given a minimum of seven days for the return of nomination papers.  No staff member may nominate more candidates than there are vacancies available.

Persons nominated will be asked to give, on the nomination form, such details as they wish about themselves and their views in not more than 50 words, which will be included in the voting paper.

The voting paper is to be prepared in accordance with the standard format.

If the number of candidates nominated is the same or fewer than the number of vacancies, then any such candidates will be duly elected unopposed.  If, however, there are more candidates than vacancies, it will be necessary to proceed with arrangements for an election.

The ballot is to be secret and the Academy Head should ensure that each voting paper is stamped with a distinguishing mark when it is issued and a record kept to show who has received ballot papers. Each staff member, including the Academy Head, will be entitled to cast one vote for one candidate only in respect of each vacant post.

Staff should vote in person or by post and no arrangements may be made for proxy voting.  The period allowed for voting should be one week.  During this period the ballot box should be kept in a secure place.  It should be sealed before any votes are cast and the seal should not be broken until the count. 

All candidates should have the opportunity of witnessing the sealing and unsealing.  As far as postal votes are concerned, these should be collected at the School in their sealed envelopes and opened in the presence of candidates at the same time as the ballot box is opened.  The postal votes should then be added to the contents of the ballot box and counted in the normal way.

The Academy Head, as returning officer, should open the ballot box and count the ballot papers in the presence of the candidates.  All candidates have the right to nominate up to two other members of the staff to be present with them at the count. 

It is also for the Academy Head as returning officer to determine whether a spoilt voting paper is valid.  If necessary, further advice may be obtained from the CEO/Principal.

Election will be by simple majority vote.  In the event of a tie after a recount, the election shall be determined by the drawing of lots.  No other method of breaking a tie will be acceptable.

The Academy Head should inform staff of the result of the election by posting a notice on the School noticeboard. The number of votes for each candidate should be recorded and a copy forwarded to the Chair of Trustees.

The Chair of Trustees will then approve the election result, subject to ratification by the Trust Board at the next meeting following the election on receipt of the completed LC Nomination Form.

Nomination of Elected Chair and Vice Chair positions within an LC

The LC will elect a Chair and Vice Chair from their LC members for a period of one academic year.  Elections will take place in the Autumn Term.

The LC can choose to re-elect to those positions as long as the governor is willing to stand for a continued period.

Election is through a voting process.  Anyone willing to stand for the role should make their intention known to the clerk to the LC.  At the point of election those nominated should leave the room and those remaining vote through raising their hand.  The Clerk will note the outcome of the vote.

Locality Committee Chairs and Vice Chair positions are ratified by the Chair of the Trust Board.  The clerk to the LC should notify the Chair of the Trust Board of the LC election outcomes for ratification in the Autumn Term.

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