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Contents of Document

Section One – Context, Principles and Outline

Foreword from the Chair of Trustees

Foreword from the CEO

Trust Overview

The Purpose of the Governance Charter

Principles of Governance

Working Principles

The Consortium Multi-Academy Trust’s Vision & Values Statement

Accountability for Decisions

Key Elements of Leadership and Governance

  • Members
  • Trustees
  • Trust Board Sub-Committees
  • Executive Leadership Team
  • CEO/Principal
  • Academy Head
  • Teaching Learning and Assessment Panel
  • Locality Committees

The Composition of Leadership and Governance Structures

  • Members
  • Trustees
  • Teaching Learning and Assessment Panel
  • Locality Committees

Section Two – The Scheme of Delegation

Scheme of Delegation Document

Section Three - Members


  • General Guidance
  • Appointment and Removal of Members
  • Meetings of Members
  • Consortium Charitable Objectives
  • Memorandum of Association
  • Articles of Association
  • Reserved Matters

Section Four – Trust Board

Trust Board

  • General Guidance
  • Appointment and Removal of Trustees
  • Proceedings of the Trust Board
  • Trust Board Terms of Reference
    • Core Values
    • Expectations of the Trust Board
    • Powers, Functions and Responsibilities of Trustees
    • Accountability of Trustees
    • Conducting Trust Business
    • Chair of the Trust Board
    • Meetings of the Trust Board
    • Delegation of Powers of the Trust Board
    • Stakeholder Voices
    • Risk Management
    • Management of Conflict of Interest
    • Recruitment of Trustees
    • Training and Development of the Trust Board
  • Standards and Excellence Committee
    • Terms of Reference
    • Committee Duties
  • Finance and Resources Committee
    • Terms of Reference
    • Committee Duties

Section Five - Teaching, Learning and Assessment Panel

Teaching Learning and Assessment Panel Terms of Reference

Section Six – Team Around a School (TAS)

Team Around the School – Terms of Reference

Section Seven – Locality Committee

Locality Committees – Terms of Reference

Section Eight  – Locality Committee Intervention Board

Locality Committees Intervention Board – Terms of Reference

Section Nine – Nomination and Election Process

Members Nomination Process

Trustee Election Process

Locality Committee Co-opted Member Process

Locality Committee Staff Election Process

Locality Committee Parent Election Process

Locality Committee Chair and Vice Chair
Election and Appointment Process

Section Ten – Election Documentation

Members Nomination Form

Trustee Nomination Form

Locality Committee Staff –Letter, Nomination Form and Voting Form

Locality Committee Parent – Letter, Nomination Form and Voting Form

Locality Committee Member Nomination to Trustees Form

Section Eleven - Resources

Minute Book (Guidance)

Locality Committee Visit File Set Up (Guidance)

Locality Committee Visit Report Template (Guidance)

Induction Pack

  • Trustees
  • Locality Committee

Business Transparency Statement

Policy Review Schedule (updated regularly)

Annual Monitoring Expectations

Listing of other related forms and resources available

Links to websites and Governance resources


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